2.4GHz 16dBi High Gain Directional Yagi WiFi Antenna

Model NO: TYC-2400-16E
  • Operated in 2.4GHz frequency band
  • 16dBi high gain
  • Directional antenna for point to point applications
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Typical N female connector with 30cm cable
  • Heavy duty mounting kit included
  • Light weight, compact and rugged enough for outdoors

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This Yagi antenna works in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band, it is a 16dBi high gain directional wifi yagi antenna, which can effectively enhance the distance covered by the wireless signal. Wireless devices on the market, such as home wireless routers, are generally equipped with antennas, but those antenna gain is too small that WiFi signal can’t reach very far, at this time, replace this Yagi antenna (requires the antenna support disassembly), and the signal can reach farther places.

This Yagi antenna is a directional antenna with a narrow beamwidth, generally, it focus gain and energy in a specific direction which can better penetrate obstacles to transmit or receive a good signal. It is very suitable for outdoor point-to-point wireless signal transmission, widely used in wireless connection of long-distance equipment such as RVs, camping sites, WiFi cameras or ships. This Yagi antenna does not need to be pointed at the signal source very precisely, only the general direction is enough.

This high gain Yagi antenna is compact and light in design, and the entire antenna length is only about 70 cm, which is very suitable for outdoor carrying and installation, the main material of the antenna is aluminum, which will not rust and can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. The antenna come with a sturdy mounting kit that can withstand outdoor wind speeds up to 125mph, allowing vertical or horizontal polarization installation.

The directional yagi antenna comes with a typical N female connector and 30cm RG58 coaxial RF cable, you need to buy jumper if the antenna and AP are far away when you install, since the length of the cable will affect the loss of the signal, we recommend that you purchase a low-loss jumper within 10 meters, such as LMR400.

Frequency-MHz 2400-2500
Gain-dBi 16
VSWR <1.5
Polarization Vertical or horizontal
Horizontal Beamwidth-° 27
Vertical Beamwidth-° 26
F/B Ratio-dB ≥16
Impedance-ohms 50
Max. Input Power-W 100
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Connector N Female
Dimension-mm 730
Weight-kg 0.35
Mounting-mm Mast Ø40 ~ Ø60
Rate Wind Velocity-km/h 210
Operating Temperature-℃ -40 ~ +65


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