2.4GHz 18dBi High Gain Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna

Model NO: TPC-2400-18E
  • Operated in 2400-2500MHz unlicensed frequency band
  • 18dBi high gain for long distance coverage
  • Narrow beamwidth for directional point to point usages
  • UV-Resistant ABS plastics housing
  • Heavy duty mounting kit included
  • Typical N Female connector
  • Vertical or horizontal polarized installed

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TOF-2400-18E is an outdoor directional flat panel WiFi antenna, which is used to expand the coverage of wireless networks, works in the 2.4GHz unlicensed ISM frequency band. It has the characteristics of 18dBi high gain and 20-degree narrow beamwidth, so it is very suitable for outdoor long-distance point-to-point or for point-to-multipoint wireless connection applications, sometimes we need to use the existing wireless network in far away places, at this time, we can connect our high-gain antenna to a wireless router or wireless access point, and then we can get a wireless network bridge, so that two distant places can share the same network, which is convenient for your life, work and study.

Our antenna can work outdoors for a long time and can withstand most of the extremely harsh environments. The antenna radome is white and made of UV-Resistant ABS plastic material, which can be placed outdoors for a long time without changing color. The back of the antenna is aluminum reflector, it can reflect the signal in one direction, the antenna radome and the aluminum refector are sealed by glue, which can effectively waterproof and dustproof, the antenna has a typical N-female connector, which is fixed on the aluminum plate on the back of the antenna, of course, we can also customize any style of connector for you, the antenna comes with a heavy-duty mounting kit, including L-shaped brackets, U-bolts and some nuts, our mounting kit’s design is simple, you can easily install the antenna on the pole, because it is a directional antenna, and the beamwidth is relatively narrow, so when installing the antenna, align the front side (the surface of the radome) with the direction you need to connect. This antenna mounting kit supports vertical polarization or horizontal polarization installation.

This antenna does not come with a cable. You usually need to buy a cable to connect the antenna and the router/AP. However, the cable will generally cause a certain loss of signal, so we recommend that you buy a low-loss cable like LMR400 to maximize the use of our antenna.

Electrical Specifications  
Frequency-MHz 2400-2500
Gain-dBi 18
VSWR <1.5
Polarization Vertical or horizontal
Horizontal Beam Width-° 20
Vertical Beam Width-° 20
F/B Ratio-dB ≥20
Impedance-ohms 50
Max. Input Power-W 100
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Mechanical Specifications  
Connector N Female
Dimension-mm 305×305×25
Weight-kg 0.7
Mounting-mm Mast Ø40-Ø60
Radome Material ABS
IP Rating IP 67
Rate Wind Velocity-km/h 210
Operating Temperature-℃ -40 ~ +65

installation of 2.4GHz directional outdoor high gain panel wifi antenna



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