5GHz 23dBi Outdoor Directional WiFi Panel Antenna

Model NO: TPC-5158-23E
  • Operated in 5.1GHz-5.8GHz frequency band
  • Peak 23dBi high gain for long distance coverage
  • 10 degree narrow beamwidth for directional point to point usages
  • Horizontal or vertical polarized installed
  • Typical N Female connector
  • Heavy duty mounting kit included
  • UV Resistant housing
  • Rated IP67 for outdoor weatherproof

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TPC-5158-23E is a highly cost-effective directional WiFi panel antenna, which works in the 5.1-5.8GHz unlicensed ISM frequency range. This antenna has the characteristics of high gain and is very suitable for long-distance point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless transmission or reception. The VSWR of the antenna is very low, so its signal loss is very small, and it can realize high-speed signal transmission and reception, which is very suitable for video transmission, games and other applications that require high speed.

This high-gain panel WiFi antenna is designed to expand the coverage of wireless networks. It is a highly directional antenna with only a 10-degree beamwidth, concentrating all the energy in one direction, so it can achieve long-distance wireless signal transmission up to 10 km, can receive and transmit signals from remote places, or bridge signals between 2 points.

The entire antenna is made of very good materials, which can work in any harsh outdoor environment. The outer cover of the antenna is made of UV-Resistant ABS plastic, and the entire antenna is encapsulated with uv-resistant glue, which is very dustproof and waterproof. The IP rating of the antenna is up to IP67. The antenna is equipped with a heavy-duty mounting kit, which is simple in design and easy to install. You can install the antenna as vertical polarization or horizontal polarization. The surface of the mounting kit is coated with Dacromet, which can effectively prevent rust.

This antenna cannot be used alone, it must be used together with routers or APs and other signal boosters, which requires you to purchase a jumper to connect the antenna and router, the impedance of the antenna is 50 ohms, so we recommend that you purchase an 50 ohm impedance and less loss jumper, such as LMR400. The antenna connector is N female by default, which is fixed on the aluminum plate on the back of the antenna. Of course, we can also support customization. If you need other styles of connectors, please let us know.

Frequency-MHz 5150-5850
Gain-dBi 23
VSWR <1.5
Polarization Vertical or horizontal
Horizontal Beam Width-° 10
Vertical Beam Width-° 10
F/B Ratio-dB ≥23
Impedance-ohms 50
Max. Input Power-W 100
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Mechanical Specifications  
Connector N Female
Dimension-mm 305×305×25
Weight-kg 1.2
Mounting-mm Mast Ø40-Ø60
Radome Material ABS
IP Rating IP 67
Rate Wind Velocity-km/h 210
Operating Temperature-℃ -40 ~ +65

This antenna is very easy to install, it come with heavy-duty mounting kit include 1×L bracket, 2×U-bolts and nuts etc., that everything you need to install it to a pole(excluded). Since the signal penetration of 5GHZ is weaker than that of 2.4GHZ, it is better to install this antenna in a higher place.

installation of 5GHz directional outdoor flat panel wifi antenna



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